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Jonathan Kringle Knitwear

JonathanKringle is to become synonymous with the words style and sophistication
through a consistent display of top notch quality knitwear & clothing.

Jonathan Kringle is in pursuit of becoming one of the first choices for affluent ladies and gentlemen looking to make a quiet impression in style and selecting a brand that is working on giving back, emphasizing its approach of reducing its harmful impact on the environment.

Jonathan Kringle will always respect, honor and seek satisfaction from all it’s customers.



  • Cashmere, Wool and Yak yarns, are all biodegradable and we are proud to help support all methods that help protect this natural and precious resource

  • Our knitting and processing is virtually zero-waste in regards to the fact that knitting is looping one singular spool/cone/hank of yarn

  • We look for yarn mills and yarn spinners to comply with all ethical codes and help people along the supply chain

  • Selected dye houses and yarn mills have ensured us that their dye process is environmentally friendly and is subject to serious government standards for waste water and by products

  • Fibers are acquired with all humane means, we believe that it is only fair to treat the person/animal who is lending you their coat and their means of protection from the elements

  • Cashmere is a quality product and can last a very long time and will keep its shape and feel as long as taken care of properly see our CARE section for some tips

  • We are working on an aggressive take-back program and re-cycle/re-purpose our quality sweaters which we believe can last many generations

  • Please see our WE LOOK section for some of the issues we care about and look for from our suppliers and vendors


Our Philosophy, Cashmere and Other Yarns

  • Redefining the use of cashmere with a modern and timeless approach to the exclusive alluring high quality fiber through knitted products.

  • Cashmere is the world’s rarest production fiber and is one of the most expensive in nature. The entire planet produces just a few thousand tons per year.  Its rarity is due to the exceptionally harsh and geographically remote conditions of its production, and the labor-intensive but refined skills required for every stage of the processing

  • A cashmere medium with the art of design, utilizing an array of super soft luxury yarns.  Our highly skilled yarn mills find Italian & Chinese professionals developing innovative new yarns, they select the fibers and spin yarns which are some of the world’s most sought after.

  • From the best goats to the best garments and the people in between, we select our yarns with strong social and environmental conscience. We believe that all cashmere should be recycled.

  • Jonathan Kringle firmly stands behind our product and know that our quality and craftsmanship are paramount.