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JK Cashmere + Knitwear

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Jonathan Kringle

A knitwear company utilizing the finest yarns and fabrics with an eye on sustainability and urban luxury. The label is dedicated to establishing itself as a highly recognizable brand by redefining the use of cashmere with a modern yet timeless approach to these exclusive and high quality fibers.


A. S. P. I. R. E

Achieve Success + Perfection (with) Innovative Respect (for the) Environment

Our yarns range from cashmere, wool, yak and many other plant fibers, they are natural fibers and are all biodegradable. Our method of knitting also aids to zero-waste production model.


International Perspective

Jonathan Kringle is based in New York City, USA + Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

A meeting of East + West (东西). We have an unique approach to design as we bridge many diverse cultures by combining precision, patience and craftsmanship while giving a refreshing take on apparel.

All City Cashmere

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Capitalist Collection, USA

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