Stitch Work, Respect the Cashmere Ethos

In knitting and creating sweaters, it requires that a stitch is selected - It is a finishing techniques to give form and style to the garment.  With our cashmere and cashmere blended we remember to make the yarn the star of the show.  Sometimes a stitch can take away the hand-feel of the yarn.  Your fingers should flow nicely on the front side of the stitch.  Jersey is usually the best stitch for having the best surface feel.  Tension on the knitting machine may also effect this, but most of the time jersey is the best.  There are a number of stitches to be utilized, so keep this in mind. 


We at Jonathan Kringle have adopted a mantra of "respect the cashmere", meaning that we will also respect the yarn by ensuring your sweater / knitted garment will have a great hand-feel.  The yarn is the foundation of our design.  Of course some yarns we use are selected for their purpose such as our Yak and Cashmere Blends, with these yarns we look to keep the wearer warm and properly insulated -  Enjoy regularly!